The US Blog – Part 14

Right well on to the blog post which should have been the post of us leaving the US. You’ll notice the use of the word should….more of that later…

Up to finish packing bits. Gabby had kindly spent ages repacking the cases for us as she was deemed the expert in doing so. Don had also kindly got us a small case which we can carry on the plane. After leisurely paced Morning we went first over to TK Maxx where we were able to get bekas leggings changed. We then went for some lunch and having picked up tho fare remaining bags off to the airport. So far so good….

We got to the desk and the lady said you should still make your connection. It turned out there were delays on the journey. Having checked the bags in and knowing we had longer to wait we all sat down for a drink

Cue the flight delays getting longer and longer and the window getting shorter and shorter to till it reached the stage the connection would be impossible. On the phone to virgin- we could have stuck with the flight and been on standby for a later flight to London which was full and if no one no showed we would have been stuck in Atlanta until Saturday afternoon or they could transfer us to the next day. As Dana was willing to put us up we went for the latter

Don took the big bags in his van to bring back Saturday! We stopped at an ice cream place on the way back to danas where the airport fun continued. It was not reserving us seats on the main flight so I got on the phone to Delta where I waited and waited to get through to someone who told me I was through to the wrong person who put me back on hold. Beka was starting to get stroppy and in the end I had to take phone with me to eat and I eventually got some answers after about 2 hours on the phone….it seemed that as they had put a note on about our bags it was throwing up an error meaning they could not allocate the seats. They advised that if I went back to the airport they could take it off and we woukd be able to sort.

Brett kindly took me back to the airport after eating. On the way it did allocate us some seats but not what we wanted and we had been happy to pay an upgrade fee for the seats we wanted. The girl at the airport couldn’t have been more helpful. She spotted and sorted the problem and to compensate for the issues we had had moved the seats for us at no charge

Back to danas to relax for a bit before bed…


The US Blog – Part 13

The original plan for the day had been silver dollar city but we weren’t overly fussed and with my tooth playing up we decided to give it a miss and after a last visit to the Disney store and Adidas outlet we set off for home

After picking up chick falafel for lunch we made our way back to the house for a bit of a rest. Later in the afternoon we went to Decatur where Dana and don grew up, saw some of the graves and other sights and then had some tea before coming back to the house

Up on Thursday morning. Beka went to get her hair highlighted and Mary had a trim too. We then went off to my dentist appointment which had been arranged with wennas dentist. After an x ray they advised that I had got either an infection in a tooth or an abscess and put me on a course of antibiotics.

We had McDonalds for Lunch then had a look round a thrift shop buying more books. After picking Jaden up from school and dropping him to tutoring we then found a really good Christian bookshop where we got the remaining presents.

Don then dropped us to Dana’s. We went out to eat at a restaurant called chilies where I had a Mexican meal and got a couple of Arkansas souvenirs after.

We went back to danas for a bit where daisy tried to play hide and seek with beka before Dana dropped us back over. We then tried to get some of the bits together as gabby had kindly said she would help pack them neatly and tightly as she has a reputation as an expert packer and now as a famous diarist said- was it Pepys? It’s off to bed !

The US Blog – Part 12

Got a bit behind so this blog covers 2 days…

On Monday we set off for Branson. We stopped at several interesting places along the way including a chapel and a large statue of jesus.

We reached Branson and found our hotel. After a rest we went and got something to eat and visited some of the shops including a Disney store and an Adidas outlet. Went back to hotel after and had an early night

Tuesday it was up and breakfast before deciding on plans. We decided to take in a show which was a mixture of country and comedy. We really enjoyed it although Beka wasn’t so keen.

Don then took us to a restaurant called Lambert’s where as well as big meals they bring round extras and throw bread rolls at you

We had a bit of a rest then set off for the Dolly Parton Stampede. We saw all the stabled horses then sat down for some pre show entertainment which was some chaps singing and playing instruments.

The dinner bell rang and we went through to the main arena. We had to be moved from our original seats as Mary had to take Beka to the toilet and ccouldn’t physically get through the gap to the seats!

The show was based on a north v south competition and included lots of horse riding and tricks, dogs, pigs, magic and all sorts of other stuff. The food was served whilst we watched – a creamy soup followed by a whole chicken with pork tenderloin and potato and a whole corn on the crib with loads of drink.

After my tooth was playing up so we went back to our room but Don kindly took Beka off to play crazy golf and some amusements.

The US Blog – part 11

Sunday was an early start as we were going to Don and Wennas church in Roger’s,- a Baptist church but very modern.

Some great worship to start wih then a message from the pastor. It was about the whole area of giving which was quite ironic as we had just recently had the gift day at Hope. The kids then went off for a session and we had what they call life Groups which were like adult study groups. Don was leading us and it was good that we were able to participate. This was accompanied by food- an American sausage roll which was delicious.

We all then went off for a Mexican for lunch. I had a steak burrito which was a bit spicy but not too much so. We looked round a few shops including Target- sorry Dana!

We had a bit of a rest before going to see the Walmart museum. It is amazing to see how big it is and how it has grown! We had a drink outside and then went to see a trail which had some interesting exhibits as part of it. Then back to Don and Wennas where we had pizza for tea

The US Blog – Part 10

Very early start as we needed to be on the road by 6.30. A bit of breakfast although we stopped at McDonalds as well a little way into the journey.

Got back to Rogers, Arkansas about Midday and had a rest before going to a few thrift stores (charity shops) where I picked up a few Christian Books.

We had a nice tea of grilled chickens and veg which was very tasty although my tooth didn’t think so…

Had a fairly early night as two early mornings had started to catch up…

The US Blog – Part 9

Early start as we had the long road trip up to Arkansas.

Most of the day was spent in the vehicle as we passed through Alabama, Mississippi and Memphis stopping for toilet and food breaks.

In Memphis we passed Elvis Presley’s house Graceland though we didn’t venture out of the car as it didn’t seem the sort of area it would be safe to do so.

We crossed a big bridge and into Arkansas. We found a nice hotel La Quinta to stay in overnight. We grabbed some dinner and then got an early night as we knew Friday was going to be an early start

The US Blog – Part 8

The hottest day so far. We went down to the beach for a bit but it actually was too hot to stay for long.

After a bit of time in the apartment we set off for the Dolphin cruise. It was good but a bit eventful. The anchor came loose and managed to go right under the boat. They thought they were going to have to get a tow in but they managed to cut the anchor free and we finished the cruise OK.

We then went for some food although I didn’t feel much like eating as my tooth was playing up big time