Get your act together

a stark reminder this week as to why i want to get involved in politics

my mum was sent up to A and E at Ipswich hospital  despite the fact she was clearly not well she was sent home with antibiotics

the following day, yesterday she was sent back by the doctor  after sitting there for a total of about 10 hours she was sent home again despite the best efforts of the family  

i’m not having a go at the doctors and nurses who all do a great job with long hours anf who work.hard but its down to the lack of funding in the NHS by our current government  there should be beds and resources available  a 71 year old in lots of pain and with a chest infection should not be sent home twice, the latter at 10pm on a cold wet night  a bed should be available to those that need it  we should get what has been paid for by taxes over the years  the government needs to get their act togethet or even better get the new goverment we need!!!