New Year’s eve

Every new year is a time when you can stop and reflect on what’s gone and what’s to come. For the first new years eve, there is a mum shaped hole in my life and even though its nearly a year since we lost her thats still very hard.

Some make resolutions. I prefer not to call them resolutions but just to stop and think about what i want to achieve.

I want to lose weight. i need to- I’ve realised recently how unfit I am. I want to really dig into God in prayer and bible reading. Its so easy to say that but having the discipline to keep to it can be hard. I want to do my best at work. despite the challenges of getting back into the work place its so clear to me that that is where God wanted me. I have also been lucky to have the opportunity to get back into scouting in a support role and again it was the right opportunity at the right time. Finally and importantly I want to get us working well as a family. Let’s just say having a pre teen is a challenge! But its Gods command for the man to be the head of his family and for the family to be strong and that’s what I must work towards.

So I’m going into the New year in positive fashion. lots to work on and lots to look forward to- a trip to the US in April to visit family and a party for my 50th birthday just too and I’m sure there will be more as we go.

So all that remains is to say Happy New year one and all !


2 thoughts on “New Year’s eve

  1. Happy new year!!! Try having a teen, a pre teen and a 5year old!!! Life is fun!! ( And a challenge!) But trusting God is the only way to get through it!!!
    God bless you all in 2019!

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