one year on

do you ever stop and think about what you were doing on this day a year ago, perhaps even more?

This year i can’t be off it. We’d had a text from my sister to say all the alarms on mum in the hospital had gone off. We’d gone up and were waiting a little while before the doctor came and gave us the fateful news that there was really nothing more they could do than make her comfortable and let her slip peacefully away

In many ways the worst night of my life to date but at the same time i had a sense of calm. Mum was a very committed Christian and i knew she was going to be with Jesus. I think too though it was down to our church, Hope praying for us at the time. They were meeting for prayer and vision which had a planned agenda but broke off to pray for mum and for the family.

I was later struck by more wonder as to how God uses people in prayer when someone from church who lives round the corner from mum and dad shared about how when they were walking home on the Tuesday night past mum and dads felt an urgent sense to pray in tongues. They didn’t know what was happening but felt struck to pray that Gods will would be done in the situation, the person in question had no idea of what was going on….

So this is the last first if that makes sense. Hopefully we can all move on a little from now. As i said to dad this afternoon life has changed for all of us, him more than anyone. a person missing makes a big difference particularly such a great person that mum was but she would want us all to make the best of life- she’d be pleased to know we were going to America in April to visit her cousins. She would want dad to get his op out of the way and find something to occupy his time, she’d want jared and Holly to have a great wedding and enjoy married life together

So here’s to mum and her new life with Jesus and our new but harder life without her…


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