Moving forward

The last year’s been quite difficult suffering from stress and anxiety and ultimately coming out of work

However it’s a time to look forward  a chance to take stock of where I am and move on and that’s what I’m doing  I’m concentrating on getting better and planning a different direction career wise and how I get there

It also gives me the chanceto think about some of the passion for social justice that God has given me and to work that out in practice

Most of all this time had taught me to rely wholely on God and that he will provide and has had a plan for us   also to get closer to him   we were privileged to have Terry virgo at our church recently and I received the baptism of Gods holy spirit a big moment in my life





Out of my depth……

Sometimes when you go to church and hear about what God has done and doing its very easy to feel inadequate and that other people really seem to have got it ‘right’ and you’re somehow failing.

However I have paused and thought about it and rather than getting negative about where I am with God, its good to turn this on its head and think right this is where I am, where do I want to be and how to I get there – a bit like I would use in other areas of my life such as my charity volunteering work.  The answer I think comes in a song which came to me as I was walking through town at lunchtime – I want to be out of my depth in your love.  Because thats what I do want, for God to really immerse me in his love and to be on fire for him and to rely and trust on him in every area of my life.  That could be a scary thought but I know that if I do that there’s no need to be scared as God is with me.  As the song goes on, ‘feeling his arms so strong around me’.

I have to learn to let him lead instead of telling him what I want to do, put all my trust in him as he won’t let us down and giving me the strength to as the song says, ‘to simply let go’

so my prayer is that I can make today a new start and live this out in my life to experience even more of what God has for me

By the way, I’m back to blogging and I hope this time this will be a regular thing……