The US Blog – Part 7

The day started a little on the overcast side so had a quiet morning at the apartment but after a quiet morning it had got s bit nicer so made our way to the beach. Watched beka by the pool and just generally chilled a bit. It was pretty warm though and we all caught the sun on our faces a bit.

I started to get a bit of toothache which was somewhat annoying so a stop off at Wal-Mart was necessitated on the way to dinner where I got some oragel and the American version of paracetamol.

We found an Irish pub for dinner and the food was absolutely delicious. I had an Irish stew and the lamb was so tender…

We came back to the apartment. Mary, dans and beka watched jumanji. I wasn’t in the mood for movies though so just played around on my phone.


The US Blog – Part 6

Brett had some work to be getting on with so we off to search out some of bekas thrift stores (the equivalent of the British charity shop). After a drive through McDonald’s brunch, Our first stop seemed to be in downtown Fort Waltons iffy area so we didn’t stay there long. We found a couple of places to look round but didn’t buy much until ending in Wal-Mart again where beka ended up buying a couple of dolls- as if she hadn’t got enough already!

We then spent a little time at the apartment before dragging Brett away from his work to the local amusement park where everyone had a bit of fun

Stopped for food on the way back. I had another typical American style dish – well you’ve got to haven’t you? Rather amused by Mary’s ribs meal which was described as double glazed! .

The US Blog – Part 5

Real lay in this morning- slept right in to 9.30pm.

Quiet morning. Now off to the Aquarium. It was a really good aquarium with a couple of excellent shows including a dolphin show. On leaving there we stopped off at a clothing place where I picked up some Destin t shirts. We thought we were imagining the sign which says buy one get 3 free but we weren’t!

Had a dinner come lunch at a great restaurant where I had breaded shrimps with coleslaw and a couple of other American specialities.

We were thinking of doing a sunset Dolphin cruise but Brett realised he hadn’t got his wallet which took priority. It turned out that he had left it on a bench outside the clothing shop- fortunately a lady had found it and handed it in with everything intact. When we looked it turned out there weren’t enough spaces on the cruise anyway!

Back to the apartment. Beka and Mary had a swim. We all settled down After a belated happy birthday to Brett and Some Ice cream cake to watch a film about the writer of the worship sing ‘I can only imagine’ it was a powerful song and both Mary and Dana ended up in tears.

The US Blog- Part 4

A pretty good night’s sleep. Would have been better if I hadn’t woken up several times probably courtesy of the liquid I had drunk to dehydrate myself the stats in my smart watch show it was actually quite a deep nights sleep in between. It’s a bit surreal though knowing that waking up at 6am was actually lunchtime in the UK (although that would have been based on a 3am bedtime not 9pm)

After a leisurely start we went out. Looked at a couple of shops, including buying a suitable charger as I’d stupidly bought the wrong ones on Amazon! Beka got her nails done (they won’t do it in the UK until they’re 13) then we all had lunch in a nice Italian place.

The afternoon composed mainly of getting dragged round Wal-Mart. I went round the shop with them. Brett stayed in the car but ended up com ing back into the shop twice because he was nearly falling asleep.

We’ve then come back to the apartment. Beka wanted to go swimming despite the fact that it’s not the brightest day although us fairly warm. Mary’s gone down to watch her. Dana and Brett have gone for a walk on the beach while I chill in the apartment reading and learning to music on a really good American Christian music station I’d found on the TV after I got it to work!

The US Blog part 3

Good landing and after a reasonably painless passport control other than getting told off for opening my bag to put my passport and stuff back in my bag our cases actually came through really quickly and we were able to deposit them in an onward journey area and then find the gates for the onward journey which was reached by train.

Good journey to Destin although Dana and Brett got held up picking up the key and with the heat and tiredness I felt absolutely yucky. It was great to finally meet them though and we saw the apartment which was amazing. Beka went back out with them to get food. I went to bed !!

The US blog part 1

The Big holiday is finally upon us.

After a taxi ride to Cardinal Park and a McDonald’s for lunch we’re on our way on the coach to Heathrow ready for an overnight stop before flying tomorrow.

It’s surreal it’s finally here. It’s the first time we’ve flown for 12 years and bekas first foreign holiday. It’s also by far the furthest any of us have been

It’s also going to be a special time meeting family- mum’s cousins Mum would have been pleased to know we’ve done it as she often said about the offer from over the pond

We’re also hoping it will be a special family time with new experiences and perhaps a time to get closer to God too.

So keep following as over the next week or so the Daley American adventure is unveiled!

The US Blog Part 2

Early start for a 6.30 breakfast. Glad we’d gone for the taxi option. Lovely driver. Got to the airport and pre check in made it do easy; well it did once you knew what you’re doing!! Bags a few kg under limit much to our surprise!

Then off to security. Would have been ok but we failed to think of the wrapper on my extra strong mints setting off sensor and Mary’s deodorant was too big!

Off then to stock up on water and the journey to the check it gates and boarding. Seat numbers on the plane were very confusing as they didn’t go across in a straight line !

And so the journey began. At the point of this post were about 3 1/2 hours from Atlanta, just crossing Canada…very hot and a bit dehydrated despite drinking loads. Nice chilli for lunch though…